Bad North's free expansion comes with a 'very hard' difficulty level and hero traits

Bad North
(Image credit: Raw Fury)

We really enjoyed Bad North when it was first released for having such a pretty face hiding its super bad attitude underneath. Now, the deceivingly difficult little strategy game has gotten a rather large free update which the developers are calling the "definitive version" of the game. 

The Jotunn Edition of Bad North brings new features to both the easy and difficult ends of the play spectrum. On the easier end, Jotunn finally allows for sharing gold between units which was previously tallied only per unit. It also adds checkpoint islands where you can save your progress during a campaign without the threat of getting knocked all the way back to the starting island. 

For Bad North veterans, Jotunn grants a "very hard" difficulty which is unlocked only after completing the campaign on "hard." There's also some new meta progression in the form of "traits," smaller passive buffs for your commanders. Traits and items can be unlocked over multiple campaigns and equipped to your commanders as "starting upgrades" for your two commanders chosen at the beginning of a new campaign. 

You can read the rest of the changelogs for the update on Bad North's Steam announcement post. If you don't own the game yet, it's on sale on Steam, GOG, and Discord for 25% off in celebration of the new update.

Lauren Morton
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