Awesome Aztec mod seeks Tomb Raider types


Ever looked at that big black box under your desk and thought it looked a little bit too modern for your Chocola-themed games room? Does it rather spoil the ambience of your human sacrifice chamber? How about turning it into something a little more traditional, like a stone shrine to Q'uq'umatz or other god of your own choosing?

That's what Dan McGrath did when he turned an already bonkers Thermaltake Level 10 GT chassis into AzTtec , a PC worthy of the ancients.

To show you how it was done, McGrath's written up a detailed log of how he did it over on Bit-tech which makes for fascinating reading if you've ever dreamed of weilding a Dremel in anger. Every inch is hand sculpted out of something called Balsa Foam, including a full calendar and spectacularly detailed set of front panel covers.

Astonishingly, the whole mod took less than two months to make from start to finish. Word is, however, that it'll self destruct on the 21st December . Along with everything else in the universe, that is.