Aven Colony sets release date for end of July

Sci-fi city builder Aven Colony has officially set a release date, planning to launch on July 25. Last year, Evan described an early version of it as "SimCity in space, but with sand worms," which is a strong pitch. While a beta version of Aven Colony had briefly been sold on itch.io, this will mark the actual, full launch of the game. 

Aven Colony is available to pre-purchase for $30 on Steam right now. Pre-purchasing will get you a 10% discount and access to a new sandbox map called the Cerulean Vale free, though, as always, we recommend waiting for reviews.

In related news, we've been given exclusive keys for an early demo of Aven Colony to give away tomorrow, so come back then for a chance to give it a spin. And if you're a member of the the PC Gamer Club, you should find you already have that key in your mail! We'll be periodically sending our Club members first dibs on beta key and demo giveaways, so sign up today and cut the line. 

Tom Marks
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