Automatically back up your data with this 12TB external HDD for just $198

Automatically back up your data with this 12TB external HDD for just $198
Keep your files safe with minimal effort. (Image credit: WD)

Even though World Backup Day (opens in new tab) has come and gone, it's no reason to stop thinking about keeping your data safe on a continued basis. That is, unless you have an automatic backup routine in place, like the one you can configure with this WD Easystore 12TB external hard drive.

It's on sale for $197.99 at Best Buy, down from its $279.99 list price. That works out to less than two cents per gigabyte, plus whatever value you put on the peace of mind you get with automatic backups, to keep your important files safe from disaster.

$279.99 (opens in new tab)
Back it up

WD Easystore 12TB External USB 3.0 Hard Drive | $279.99 $197.99 at Best Bey (save $82) (opens in new tab)
Backing up data may not be fun, but it can be easy with an automatic backup routine, as offered here. Just plug in this drive, configure a backup schedule, and let it do its thing.

Using WD's Discovery utility, you can configure the external HDD to backup your data on a set schedule, be it an hourly one, or daily or monthly. It essentially turns what would otherwise be a manual chore into a set-it-and-forget affair.

Depending on how much data you want to back up, it could take a while to finish (I'd recommend having it run at a time when you're not using your PC). It connects via USB 3.0, so the theoretical max bandwidth is 5Gbps, not accounting for overhead.

In short, this amounts to cheap bulk storage that will happily take over backup chores for you.

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