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You can watch UK parliament on Twitch and it is surreal

Bernie Sanders has his own Twitch channel now, why not the entire UK parliament? They're not getting together to play Minecraft on a shared server and argue about who is putting in the most effort: ukparliament is an unofficial channel that streams parliamentary debates to make the process of UK democracy visible to a wider audience. It also has emotes.

Now, I've seen some strange things happen during question time in the Australian parliament and the United States Congress has plenty of oddness of its own, but the singular British brand of WTFery on display in the House of Commons makes for better viewing than any Dota match I've ever tried to sit through. 

You get infamous Speaker of the House John Bercow shouting for order then following up with, "I say to the Chancellor of the Duchy that when he turns up at our children's school as a parent he's a very well-behaved fellow!" Meanwhile the chat goes wild. Twitch chat and jeering parliamentary backbenchers have a lot in common.

Or you can watch Green Party MP Caroline Lucas berating Jacob Rees-Mogg for lounging around like Oscar Wilde instead of sitting up straight like everyone who doesn't live in a mansion made of other smaller mansions, and then spot a notification pop up in the corner of the screen that says, "Big_Ol_Tities followed."

The 21st century is not turning out like I expected.

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