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WRC 5 out this Autumn, first footage released

Wrc 5

Until Dirt Rally arrived from nowhere and turned out to be "a welcome return to the series’ rally roots", I might have pegged Bigben Interactive and Kylotonn Games' WRC 5 as the more desirable rally game of 2015—but here we are. Dirt Rally, sez Andy, is shaping up for greatness, and so WRC 5 will have a fight on its hands when it scrambles into gaming shops this Autumn.

Obviously, I mention this because WRC 5 has been given its first video, a hefty bit of footage that offers an early look at the game. I don't how know much can be judged from the following video, given that certain visual and audio effects are currently missing and we're not controlling the car ourselves, but the YouTube comments beneath it are expressing rare negativity about the game. The footage "features Sébastien Ogier and his Volkswagen Polo R WRC on the mythical roads of the Vodafone Rally de Portugal. It presents a full stage made of 90% gravel and 10% asphalt, under sunny conditions at mid-day", and that car is going to need a damn good wash. (Ta, RPS.)