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Watch 'raw' Quake Champions footage in a new gameplay video

Bethesda has given us two bits of Quake Champions news to chew on today: A two-minute "raw gameplay" trailer featuring id Software's esports manager John "ZeRo4" Hill cleaning house as the "transhuman punk" known as Anarki, and the announcement of an open qualifier for "the first major esports tournament for Quake Champions" that will be held at the upcoming Quakecon. 

Details about the qualifier won't be revealed until E3, but it will be for the Duel portion of the tournament and will be BYOC—that's "Bring your own computer." Players who want to take part will need to purchase a BYOC seat, which will go on sale at 8 pm ET on April 13 for $50, or on April 6 for $300 for the more limited "QuakeCon done Quick" access. General attendance, for those who just want to enjoy the show, remains free. 

As for the video, it offers "a sneak peek at raw gameplay, showcasing Anarki shredding Blood Covenant at insane speeds and making patently absurd shots." It is a very impressive display, and it definitely has the look of the real thing, which jibes with our own recent hands-on at PAX.   

The Quake Champions closed beta is set to kick off on April 6. If you haven't already signed up, you can do so at

Andy Chalk
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