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Tony Ellis

Tony doesn't so much write about PC games these days as rewrite about them. As production editor for PC Gamer he inserts apostrophes for a living, murders widows and smothers orphans wherever he sees them. He applies spit and polish to other people's prose. Mainly spit. If your sentence is flabby he will use liposuction. If your modifier is dangling he will snip it off. If you say 'gameplay' he'll just punch you. In his spare time he enjoys metonymy, but believes synecdoche should only be practised by consenting adults in the privacy of their own homes. He is the grammar Nazi about whom your mother warned.

It wasn't always thus. For several years he was a freelance videogames journalist, which was OK in a jetting-around-the-world, having-other-people-buy-your-drinks kind of way. Before that he worked on various Future magazines, doing various things. Before that he went to Hull and back to get his English degree, and liked it so much he stayed for the MA. He likes cats. His hobbies include creative writing and C++. He is currently writing his own compiled programming language. Creatively. His dream game would be 'Alexander the Great vs Cthulhu: the Battle for Atlantis Begins'.