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This week's Epic Games Store freebies are Obduction and Offworld Trading Company

(Image credit: Cyan Inc.)

Obduction and Offworld Trading Company are available free on the Epic Games Store from now until July 23. If you've already got Offworld Trading Company in your Epic library it's probably because the game was offered as a freebie last year, but Obduction is a newcomer—and a decent modern take on the Myst template. As always, if you add them to your library this week, you'll get to keep them forever.

Offworld Trading Company is a 2016 strategy game our reviewer described as a "pitiless management sim about exploiting people, prices and planets." It's a moreish story generator with a pretty steep difficulty curve, but it'll definitely keep you busy until the next free drop arrives. Obduction is a first-person puzzle game and the spiritual successor to Myst. It's a nice evolution of that classic, shedding some of the annoyances and adding some cool ideas.

Next week's Epic Games Store free games are Defense Grid: The Awakening and Verdun— the former is a detailed tower defense sim, while the latter is a World War 1 first-person shooter with a focus on authenticity. 

These are the latest in what is now hundreds of giveaways on the Epic Games Store. To see what's come before and what's coming soon, check out the Epic Games Store free games list

Shaun Prescott
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