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This Fallout 76 bug has created a monster to rival the Mothman

Image via Grand DM on Twitter.

Fallout 76’s bugs seem more like terrible curses. Last week, there was the Fallout 76 player who became invincible, unable to even escape their unending torment by standing inside a nuclear blast. Now, there’s this poor wretch, an abomination trapped in an adult diaper. 

Sheriff Abs isn’t the product of a cursed pair of underpants; he's the result of a glitch where a set of power armour remoulded the fleshy human inside it. So it’s more horrific. It’s always been pretty obvious that power armour was never designed for comfort, but now we’re really seeing the long-term effects of being crammed inside those deathtraps. 

Grand DM posted the bug on Twitter after it mutated their son’s character.

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A side effect of all these weird bugs is that Fallout 76 now has some pretty interesting characters. Traipsing around West Virginian woods looking for the Tighty Whitey Horror or the tragic immortal Vault Dweller sounds like a solid camping trip activity.

If you want to meet these legendary mutants, Fallout 76 has already seem some pretty big discounts for a game that's just launched. 

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