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Thief trailer shows first in-game footage of Garrett sneaking, stealing and escaping

Were you worried that the new Thief wouldn't be a game? Put those fears to rest. As you'll see from this trailer, Garrett has to escape from a burning building, thereby confirming that yes, it will be an interactive video game. Further evidence exists in the fact that this is the first Thief trailer to show footage from the game as it is played. Sure, it's hidden around cutscenes and narrative brooding, but it's there.

Given how much of Eidos Montreal's promotion for the game seems tailored towards positioning it as a desirable sneak-'em-up for people new to the series, it seems like, for more experienced fans, we need the opinion of someone who's played the thing. Fortunately, Tom Senior did just that. To quote one of his thoughts from his time with the game: "hmmm". You can read his other, more eloquent conclusions in his hands-on report .

Thief is due out February 28th, next year.

Phil Savage
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