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The Super Mario Odyssey trailer remade in GTA is the Mario we deserve

It's not often we have a reason to write about consoles on PC Gamer, but we now write about this Super Mario Odyssey trailer to alert you that, no, you do not need to preorder a Nintendo Switch. Why? Because Super Mario Odyssey, the next Mario game recently announced for Nintendo's new console, has been perfectly recreated with a few simple mods in Grand Theft Auto 4. 

YouTuber CrowBCat used a combination of skins, parkour animations, and iCEnhancer to beat Nintendo to the punch. Sure, Liberty City isn't New Donk City, but just give the modders some more time. We'll get there. 

So pat yourselves on the back, PC gamers. We're still the best platform to play on, even without Nintendo's official support. 

See the original trailer below for easy comparison. Which one looks better to you? The choice is obvious.

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