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The new Overwatch comic stars Zarya, Sombra, and an Omnic named Lynx

Blizzard has released a new Overwatch digital comic called Searching, starring everyone's favorite Russian heavyweight, Sergeant Aleksandra Zaryanova—better known to the world as Zarya. She has a powerful dislike for Omnics, so you know we're in for a turbulent tale when she's partnered up with one as part of her search for the notorious hacker Sombra. Can she overcome her prejudices and learn a valuable lesson about life in time to deliver the heart-touching conclusion we all expect?   

The comic incorporates elements of Sombra's painfully-overlong ARG reveal, in particular her hack of Lumerico, and follows on from the events that occurred in the Infiltration animated short that was released last year. The Russians send Zarya off to track down Sombra—spoilers ahead, by the way—and she does, thanks to some extremely fortuitous help from a random child. They clash, Zarya comes out on top, but wait! Sombra has a secret, Zarya is shocked, and in the end it's like the whole thing never happened.   

It's not the most coherent comic I've ever read—it comes off as the sort of thing you sometimes end up with when you have a broad story element you want to hit (Zarya hates Omnics!) and a tight schedule. Then again, maybe I'm expecting too much from a 12-page digital comic based on a multiplayer FPS. Check it out and decide for yourself at