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The Humble Tinybuild Bundle includes Punch Club, Clustertruck, and a freebie for everyone

The new Humble Tinybuild Bundle offers up to a dozen different games from—you guessed it—publisher Tinybuild, ranging from an educationally-inclined "math puzzler" to a train ride across post-apocalypse Russia and a game about murdering your neighbors because they just won't keep it down. Speaking of bad neighbors, the top tier will score you a preorder of the creepy Hello Neighbor, including access to the alpha, and everyone can claim a free copy of the Party Hard 2 alpha just for signing up. 

At the "pay what you want" level, you'll take home Divide By Sheep, Road to Ballhalla, No Time to Explain Remastered, and SpeedRunners. Things get a whole lot more interesting at the "beat the average" tier, a little over $6 right now, which will add the aforementioned neighbor-murder-sim Party Hard, the excellent Russian railroad adventure The Final Station, the big-rig surfing game Clustertruck, early access to Guts and Glory, and Punch Club Deluxe, the game that helped catalyze the beef between Tinybuild and G2A. 

Continuing on, $15 will add the recently-released Final Station DLC The Only Traitor to the mix, and the Early Access release of Streets of Rogue. And for $40 or more, you'll get Hello Neighbor, "a stealth-horror game about sneaking into your creepy neighbor's house," which looks like it could be really cool. Tinybuild recently rolled out the alpha 4 build of the game, along with a new trailer you can check out below. 

The Humble Tinybuild Bundle is live now and will remain that way until May 23.

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