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Steel Division 2 has been delayed until May

Update: While you wait for Steel Division 2's new, slightly later release date, take a gander at the 20-minute let's play above.

Original story: World War 2 RTS Steel Division 2 has been delayed, but only by a month. Instead of launching on April 4, it will appear on May 2. Developer Eugen Systems says it's to make room for an extended beta and to allow the team to make some final touches based on player feedback. 

The beta—only available if you've preordered, I'm afraid—will kick off on March 27 and run for 48 hours. Beta testers will be able to check out different game modes in singleplayer and multiplayer, including the defence-focused Breakthrough mode and the more aggressive Conquest mode. 

Breakthrough should be a good showcase of Steel Division 2's new defensive structures. Like its predecessor, you can fortify abandoned buildings to protect your troops and lay ambushes, but this time you can also plonk down your own bunkers, trenches and gun pits. Good news for me, brave turtler that I am. There was an early mission in the first game where you had to defend a crossroads, and I would have given anything for just a tiny bit of barbed wire or a wee hole in the ground.  

You'll be able to play with two divisions, the German 5. Panzerdivision and the Soviet 2nd Guards Tank Corps. To find out more about every division in the game, check out the Axis and Soviet reveals. 

More 48-hour beta phases will follow each week, with new divisions available for testing. 

Fraser Brown
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