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Starting from Batman, all Telltale games will support multiplayer

It's common to attract spectators while playing Telltale's narrative-driven adventures, and naturally enough, those spectators like to call the shots as well. So it'd be cool if multiple players could vote on the game's decisions and dialogue trees too, right? That's apparently what is going to happen in all Telltale Games from now on, starting with the forthcoming Batman adaptation, a studio spokesperson said at Comic-Con in San Diego yesterday.

As reported by Shack News, Batman will debut a new Crowd Play function boasting two modes. The first allows the whole room, or crowd, to make decisions based on a majority vote, while the second allows the main player to have ultimate ruling on any decisions. When opted into, Crowd Play will generate a URL which can be accessed by all participating players on smart devices and PCs.

Apparently more than 2,000 people can vote on a single game, which would make for an interesting cinema experience, and an even more interesting streaming experience. Batman: A Telltale Series premieres on August 2. Here's Sam Roberts' early impressions

Shaun Prescott
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