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The best Stardew Valley mods


Stardew Valley mod - Pokecrows

Pokemon never go out of style and adding them to any game makes it instantly cuter. There are an absolute plethora of Pokemon related mods: 

  • Seasonal Eeveelutions changes your cat into various Eevee evolutions depending on the season. 
  • Vulpix Pokemon as cat turns your cat into the adorable fox Pokemon, Vulpix. 
  • Pokemon Retextures changes all pets and livestock into Pokemon of similar species.
  • Pokecrows makes all of your scarecrows and rarecrows into various Pokemon effigies.  
  • Pokemon Gym gives the exterior of your farmhouse a Pokemon Gym face lift. 
  • Pokemon buildings turn sheds into very horrifying Pikachu and Eevee heads. 


Stardew Valley mod - NukaCola

I'm not sure I see the appeal of turning beautiful Stardew Valley into a desolate wasteland but some modders have taken to bringing a bit of Fallout to the valley: 

  • Mr. Doggy turns your pet do into a Mr. Handy unit.  
  • Mutated cows with two heads makes all cows look like irradiated brahmin. Still cute though! 
  • NukaCola replaces a number of JojaCola signs around town with NukaCola alternatives.  


Stardew Valley mod - Chocobo Horse

  • JG BB8 turns your cat or dog into BB8 from Star Wars Episode VII.
  • JG LightSabers replaces Stardew Valley's default weaponry with more badass lightsabers.  
  • Moogle Cat Replacement brings a bit of Final Fantasy to the valley by turning your cat into a moogle, kupo!  
  • ChocoboMod it would be positively criminal not to include a mod that lets you ride Chocobos. Every game should have chocobos, really.  
  • The Sailor Scarecrows last in the lineup of weird scarecrow choices are Sailor Scouts. I guess even magical girls eventually want to retire to greener pastures.  

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