The best Stardew Valley mods

Visual and aesthetic mods

Anime Portraits

Stardew Valley Anime Portraits mod

Download here

Modder toonyoza has taken on the rather large task of recreating each character's in-game portrait with a version that's anime-styled. It's a pretty big undertaking considering they have to both match and modify the game's current art style for the many different poses of dozens of characters. The custom portraits are very well made and do a nice job of subtly changing Stardew Valley's tone.

New and improved Hairstyles

Stardew Valley mod hairstyles

Download here

This mod adds a few new hairstyles to the game, not that it was lacking before. But slightly more interesting, it also goes through some of the older hairstyles and modifies the pixel art. Modder Chrysanthe described some of the old hair as "very flat and small in proportion to the head," and these adjustments aim to fix those problems where applicable.

Pokemon retextures

Stardew Valley mod pokemon

Download here

This isn't one Pokemon mod, per se, but rather a huge collection of Pokemon retextures that change farm animals, enemies, and even people into Pokemon. While turning Leah into a Gardevoir (which you could then marry...) may not appeal to you, the animal and monster retextures are pretty fantastic and worth looking through to see if any appeal to you. You can also change furniture, paintings, and locations around town to be Pokemon themed.

Yoda Wizard

Stardew Valley mod yoda

Download here

This is definitely one of my favorite mods to appear since we updated the list. While the portrait is a little bit blurry, the pixel sprite for Yoda is dead on. Yoda will replace the Wizard character, filling in for him whenver you visit. And not just in look, because he'll also start speaking in Yoda style dialogue. Jedi, Wizard, same thing right?

Ali's Overgrown Fairy Buildings

Download here

Fairies aren't going to be to everyone's personal taste, but the Overgrown Fairy Buildings mod is too nicely done not to include in our list. It retextures all of your farm buildings to be pink and white, as well as being covered in vines and flowers. It's an adorable way to personalize your farm, and I especially like the Slime Hutch being transformed from a castle into a sweet little cottage with a flower garden. And if you're into flowers, you may want to pair this with the next mod… 

Ali's Flower Grass

Download here

Ali's Flower Grass mod adds colorful flowers to all of the long grass that grows around your farmland. The grass is already a nice way to add accents and detail your land, and now you can use it to break up the brown dirt even better. There's also an alternate version of this mod included in the download that has more vibrant flower colors, depending on how much you want your farm to pop. 

Classy New Interior

Stardew Valley mod kitchen

Download here

When we first made this list, there weren't a whole lot of interior visual mods, but that's definitely changed. The Classy New Interior mod does pretty much exactly what its name implies, reskinning walls, floors, and furniture to be a bit fancier than your average farmhouse. It even has a dresser made specifically to work with the "Get Dressed" mod on page four of this list!

Clean Shane's Room

Download here

Sick of that scoundrel Shane not taking care of his space? Then boy do I have good news for you. Clean up Shane's room with this simple, but very important, mod. 

Kitty Scarecrow Replacements

Stardew Valley mod cat scarecrow kitty

Download here

Why guard your crops with boring old scarecrows when you can leave your farm under the watchful eyes of an army of cats? This mod changes all of the scarecrows and rarecrows in the game into different breeds of cat, each proudly sitting atop a pedestal from which it will frighten away birds. There's no difference other than the visual change, and that's fine. These little guys are adorable enough to warrant their own mod in my book.

Lightsaber swords

Stardew valley mod lightsabers

Download here

They don't glow, but they get the job done. Stardew Valley's base swords aren't exactly the most interesting looking things in the game, so you might as well lean into it and just turn them into lightsabers. There's a different color for the first six levels of sword, and then the next six repeat those colors with little Kylo Ren-style cross pieces near the handle. Pair this with the Yoda Wizard above and the BB-8 pet on the next page and you've got the makings of a full conversion.

Nightmare's Additional Weaponry Mod

Download here (requires SMAPI)

If Lightsabers aren't your thing, there are a whole lot of other crazy weapons to choose from. Seriously, this weaponry mod has everything from Nightmare's sword from Soul Calibur, a  magical heart sword, and even a simple guitar. Each one is just a visual retexture of the game's existing weapons, but they exist along side those weapons instead of just outright replacing them, so you can change which ones you want in-game without having to mess around with the mod again.