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The best Stardew Valley mods


Mod Update Menu

Stardew Valley mod - Mod Update Menu

Download here

The Mod Update Menu is a handy tool accessible from the start menu that lets you know if you need to update any of your mods or SMAPI (that required tool for modding Stardew you've installed). If you'll be installing more than a couple mods, the update menu is a great way to keep your ducks in a row. 

Mobile Phone

(Image credit: ConcernedApe / aedenthorn)

Download here

This mode brings your farmer into the 21st century with a smartphone. The phone has a ton of uses, the greatest of which is a phonebook that lets you talk to the citizens of Pelican Town from the comfort of your palm. To not make that feature too useful, you'll need to have a four-heart friendship with someone before they'll give you their phone number.

The phone has other apps too, like one for shopping and playing videos. You can even install the arcade games featured in the bar.

UI Info Suite

Stardew Valley mod - UI Info Suite

Download here

There's a lot to keep track of on the farm and sometimes you just can't remember when you planted your cauliflower or whether or not you pet your sheep this morning. The UI Info Suite contains a lot of useful game information that doesn't quite cross into cheating territory. Animals that need to be milked or pet have icons over their head. On mouse over, plants will display their name and days until they can be harvested. The Info Suite has a number of other useful features perfect if you're a forgetful farmer.  

Jump Over

Stardew Valley mod - Jump Over

Download here

Do you place gates for your fences based on what looks nice instead of what's actually practical? You can stop walking all the way around your fenced in fields and make life a whole lot easier with Jump Over. Does precisely what it says on the tin.  

Gift Taste Helper

Stardew Valley mod - Gift Taste Helper

Download here

If you constantly have to Alt+Tab out of your game because you cannot for the life of you remember which gifts to give to Caroline and Evelyn, Gift Taste Helper keeps you from having to leave the game to get answers. This mod adds a tooltip with a villager's favorite items when you mouse over them in the relationships menu or their birthday on the calendar. If suddenly becoming omniscient in the ways of gifts feels a little too cheaty for you, modder Tstaples has added a progression version of the mod where you'll only know a villager's preferred gifts if you've successfully discovered them yourself through trial and error. 

Reader's Digest

Stardew Valley mod - Reader's Digest

Download here

If you've downloaded the Victorian buildings mod but can't stand ruining your immersion with a television in your farmhouse, Reader's Digest is the era-appropriate mod you need. Receive daily letters to your mailbox with Livin' Off The Land and Queen of Sauce tips so that you'll never have to turn on that devil box again.

Get Dressed

Stardew Valley mod - Get Dressed

Download here

Wearing the same shirt and pants every day is odd enough for a cartoon character, let alone a farmer whose dirty field clothes definitely need to get wash every so often. Get Dressed adds a dresser and mirror to your house that you can use to open the character customization menu and change appearance. It also lets you set favorite outfits so that you can easily change from work pants into stylish nightwear before heading to the saloon on a Friday night.  

Categorize Chests

Stardew Valley mod - Categorize Chests

Download here

By year two of any Stardew farm, I've typically got an entire fleet of chests housing all of my excess fruits, building materials, and rarecrows. Each one has a specific spread of items known only to me from an inventory list that exists only in my head. Categorize Chests allows you to make sense of the madness by dictating exactly which items go in which chests and putting only those items in it with just one button press each time you open it. I've never felt so organized. 


In-Game Cheat Menu

Stardew Valley mod - Cheat Menu

Download here

This is a very far complex and impressive mod that adds an extensive cheat menu inside the game. You can teleport anywhere, adjust your skill levels on the fly, change the weather, freeze time, give yourself money, increase movement speed, turn on god mode, adjust fishing difficulty, make your watering can never run out, and a whole heck of a lot more—all from within the game. The cheat menu actually has some features of other mods on this list built in, so if you liked the look of some of the mods on the previous page, they may be covered here.

CJB Item Spawner

Stardew Valley mod item spawner

Download here

This mod—potentially combined with the cheat menu above from the same modder—might be the closest Stardew Valley gets to having a "creative mode" for a while. You can spawn any items you may want directly into your inventory, allowing you to build your dream farm immediately. Flick on the cheat menu's infinite stamina option and freeze time, and you could build the entire thing before the first day even passes. Item spawners are a powerful tool, and hopefully this will lead to some amazing looking farms that would otherwise taking hundreds of hours to create.

Save Anywhere

Stardew Valley mod - Save Anywhere

Download here

Stardew's save function taking place at night makes total sense, but sometimes my life isn't as orderly and predictable as my farmer's. Although it's a bit cheat-y, Save Anywhere allows you to do just that. Be warned, the compatibility notes for Save Anywhere are not super promising, saying that it isn't compatible by default with any mods that add new locations or items to the game. 

BJS - Time Skipper

Stardew Valley mod - BJS Time Skipper

Download here

Sometimes you get to year five of a farm and have achieved just about everything aside from amassing a fortune. When you've got nothing to do but watch your crops grow, BJS Time Skipper lets you use an Elder Scrolls-esque time waiting function where you choose the number of days you'd like to skip and then watch the days fly by.

Night Owl

Stardew Valley mod - Night Owl

Download here

If you need more time in your day to farm, the one surefire way to get it is just not sleeping! Stardew Valley forces your farmer to pass out at 2am if they haven't gone to bed yet. With the Night Owl mod, you can stay up forever and never sleep. The game will save at 6am by making it look like you're passing out, but unlike the main game you won't lose items or be forced back home again.

Custom Warps

Stardew Valley mod - Custom Warps

Download here

Custom Warps adds a menu to Stardew Valley where you can set and travel to any tile on the game map. It's a cheesy solution to the problem of walking or riding around town, but a cool mod nevertheless! 

Pelican Fiber

Stardew Valley mod - Pelican Fiber

Download here

After ridding Pelican Town of the evil that is Joja Mart, you can instead introduce it to the evils of the internet! Pelican Fiber lets you shop online at any of the valley's stores "even on Wednesday, even on Tuesdays, even at midnight or 6am" says modder Jwdred. Since Marnie is never in her shop when I need her and Wednesday always seems to be the day I need seeds from Pierre, shopping online is a lifesaver that lets me get what I need while still saving those local businesses I fought to protect.  

Purchasable Recipes

Stardew Valley mod - Purchasable Recipes

Download here

Purchasable Recipes allows you to buy recipes that you normally learn from the Queen of Sauce TV program from the saloon instead. I call this one a cheat because it shortcuts the process of learning recipes the way the game intended, but buying a food recipe from the local bar is a great lore-friendly solution to the problem of forgetting to check my TV every morning. 


Stardew Valley mod - AutoAnimalDoors

Download here

Do you ever remember to shut the doors to your barns and coops at night? I don't. No matter what I do, I always seem to leave my poor animals out in the cold on rainy days. AutoAnimalDoors does the remembering for you by automatically opening and shutting all barns and coops each day. It's a small but life-saving change. 

Stardew Valley Save Editor

Stardew Valley mod save edit

Download here

This save editor is a seperate tool, not technically a mod, that allows you to adjust certain variables about your save file without having to dig around in a text editor. Sure, you could use it to cheat money and power into your game, but it also lets you do more difficult things than that. You can rename your farm, change your outfit, and even move farm buildings—all things that were otherwise unchangeable once set. The save editor can be used to cheat your way through the game, but it can also be used to subtly adjust variables that you couldn't control any other way, making it a valuable tool even for those of us using no mods at all.

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