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Starbound official Let's Play shows good times with space-weapons and space-pickaxes

Let's play Starbound, shall we? And by 'let's play' I of course mean 'Let's Play', which here means 'someone else plays while you watch'. But hey, that's better than nothing - and it's often more enjoyable than actually playing a game yourself, if you're an increasingly old and lazy type such as myself. At the Insomnia Gaming Festival, the Yogscast team did such a thing in front a live audience, playing promising indie sci-fi sandbox Starbound for around an hour in co-op. Catch it after the break.

Squint a bit and you could almost be playing it yourself - or multiple versions of yourself, at least. The actual playthrough begins, after a slightly awkward introduction, at around the six-minute mark.

Starbound, of course, is due out sometime in 2013, which is a decreasingly vague release date as we continue hurtling towards the end of the year.