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Sniper Elite 3 multiplayer trailer shows blatant disregard for the human skull

Sniper Elite 3's 'everybody's-a-sniper' approach to multiplayer neatly solves one of the biggest problems with online shooters: i.e. camping sniper jerks ruining everyone's killy fun. If everyone's a sniper, you can't very well complain about snipers, can you? Because you are one, and you just shot a man's skull in half from a distant rooftop. I remain...queasy at the gratuitous violence featured in Rebellion's historical snipe-'em-ups, but I'm rather taken with the idea of a series of multiplayer standoffs, which can be solved by either shooting or sneaking up on your enemies from behind. Sniper Elite 3's relatively unique approach to multiplayer is documented in the following trailer.

It's just like Enemy at the Gates! Enemy at the Gates if it was directed by Michael Bay.

Multiplayer aside, Sniper Elite 3 does sound rather promising , boasting as it does an open world for you to sneak your way around in. The game's out June 27th, and you just missed out on grabbing a free copy of its predecessor on Steam - unless you didn't, in which case, hooray!