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Smite introduces a new god, and he's a humongous snake

Smite, the god-battering MOBA, has added another deity to its massive roster: Jormungandr, the mythical Norse World Serpent. Check out the big fella's reveal trailer above. 

Jormungandr is an unusual god, being both absolutely huge and not possessing any legs. He cuts through the battlefield like he's swimming, diving across the map and doing massive damage with his ultimate. Because he's a big snake popping out of the ground, knockbacks affect him differently, dazing him instead of moving him. He can even submerge, becoming invisible until he rips through the ground to attack and surprised foe. 

He's got cone and AoE attacks, can spew poison and can also leave noxious clouds that harm enemy gods while also enhancing one of his other abilities. The World Serpent, it turns out, has terrible oral hygiene. The trailer shows how all of this can be stringed together to commit lots of deicide. Used effectively, he seems pretty devastating. 

Frankly, he's a bit terrifying, especially since Smite is a rare third-person action MOBA instead of an isometric one, making his size even more intimidating. If I saw him leaping out of the ground, I wouldn't be sticking around. Seeing him as an opponent, rather than the player controlling him, really puts the difference in scale into perspective. 

I've not played Smite in ages, and while it consistently introduces really interesting gods with memorable abilities, Jormungandr is the first I've seen in a while that's made me think it's time to get beaten up by a bunch of divine bruisers again. His ultimate in particular looks like a lot of fun to pull off, and who doesn't want to be the biggest snake on the battlefield? 

Check out all of Jormungandr's abilities here

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