Skyrim ENBSeries mod boosts visuals, version one out now

Do you remember this impressive Deus Ex: Human Revolution mod ? It was built by Boris Vorontsov, author of the ENBSeries graphical mods which also formed the basis of the spectacular ICEnhancer mod for Grand Theft Auto 4 . He's just released the first version of one for The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. You can download it now from Skyrim Nexus .

The ENBSeries mods layer a suite of new post-processing and colour adjustment effects over the visuals, smoothing out colours, making shadows look deeper and adding a bit of vigour to Skyrim's brightest hues. It also uses a unique SSAO method, which may have a hefty performance impact. Vorontsov recommends setting EnableAmbientOcclusion=false in the enbseries.ini file to improve your framerate. The video above is footage of a work-in-progress version of the mod. Here are a few screenshots, taken from the ENBSeries site .

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