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Reflections is a "real-world adventure game," now on Greenlight

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"In Reflections, you are getting ready to leave home and start your life as an adult," explains Reflections' Greenlight page. So it's an indie game then.

"You have to put things in order and get ready to leave by the end of the day. To do so, you can tidy up your business, help build relationships, or just go exploring. From there, it's up to you; the entire course of the game is based on the actions you take."

It certainly sounds interesting, and much in the vein of amble-'em-ups like Dear Esther, Proteus et al. The difference here is that there are consequences to your actions. Its creators promise significant story divergence based on your past actions, as well as a dynamic progression system that sees opportunities shift and develop as you play.

Reflections is due out in April.

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