Quake Champions will feature Wolfenstein's BJ Blazkowicz

BJ Blazkowicz, the once meatheaded but now quite nuanced star of the Wolfenstein series, is going to be a champion in Quake Champions. The video embedded below shows a little bit of that, while also touting some of the game's esports credentials and adding three new maps to the beta.

According to the YouTube description: "First, we’re introducing Wolfenstein’s leading man, BJ Blazkowicz, as a new Champion! The E3 2017 update also adds 3 new maps, the brand-new Tri-bolt weapon, and a host of new and improved features to explore. With this update comes some very exciting news: the Closed Beta will continue and will be kept live 24/7 from here on out."

Here's a full trailer showing off BJ's dual-wield and health regeneration capabilities. He seems like a pretty conventional hero by the standards of Quake Champions, but thankfully he can still run real quick.