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Promising first-person monster game Darkborn has been shelved

(Image credit: The Outsiders)

Darkborn, previous known as Project Wight, and before that Archenemy, is no more. The Outsiders revealed the first gameplay trailer for the first-person monster romp a year ago, but things haven't been going well since then. It's now been effectively cancelled. 

"In spite of our best efforts to continue, ultimately we had to make the difficult decision to halt development on the project," the studio announced. "Perhaps one day we will return to it: we all hope so and genuinely appreciate the support of everyone who followed us over the years."

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The Outsiders is now working on something else, though what that is remains to be seen. Hopefully some of Darkborn makes its way over to the new project, though, because it had a lot going for it, putting us in the role of a young monster with a taste for Viking flesh. The monster would have started off as a bit of a cutie, growing larger and more ferocious as it gobbled up more Vikings. They were asking for it. 

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