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Postal 4 announced and launched on Steam Early Access today

Postal 4: No Regerts
(Image credit: Running With Scissors)

In one swing, Postal 4 has been announced and released today with a mayhem-making trailer (below) followed by launching to Steam's Early Access program. The mayhem mostly involves fire and pee being rained down on the new town of Edensin by the series' protagonist the Postal Dude and buddy Champ.

The sandbox FPS will take place in the open-world town of Edensin where the Postal Dude spends five days (similar to previous Postal games) checking off errands from his list of nasty deeds. The "Janky Alpha State” of Postal 4 includes the first draft of three Monday errands so far. Given all the fowl-related misdeeds going around thanks to the Goose Game, organized and premeditated chaos seems to be the trend for the end of this year. 

Postal 4 will grant the freedom to make a mess with or without violence with a range of lethal and non-lethal weapons. Less dangerous definitely doesn't mean less rude because the Spurt’n’Squirt water gun can be loaded with water, gasoline, or urine for the crassest chaos. Other series favorite weapons like the shovel and boomerang machete will be making a return as well. 

The Early Access version of Postal 4 so far only features the Monday list of errands to complete. The first day serves partly as a tutorial to introduce Postal 4's range of weapons and misdeeds. The "Early Access" section of Postal 4's Steam page is lengthy, detailing a laundry-list of features yet to come. Still to check off Running With Scissors' own errand list of additions to the game are side errands, routines and reactions for NPC bystanders, police enforcement, and co-op.

Running With Scissors has a public roadmap via Trello that you can use to keep track of Postal 4's development. You can find Postal 4: No Regerts on Steam Early Access.

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