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Play Dark Souls 3 as a Bloodborne Hunter with this mod

(Image credit: FromSoftware/Forsakensilver)

Of all the PlayStation exclusives that deserve a second life on PC, Bloodborne is definitely at the top of the list. Sony's loosening the reins a little, which is why we're getting Horizon: Zero Dawn, but there's been no word on FromSoftware's gothic horror romp following suit. Thank goodness, then, for modders. 

Hunter's Combat (cheers, Reddit) is a new mod for Dark Souls 3 that, while not recreating Bloodborne, will give you a taste of the other game's combat. Modder Forsakensilver has added Bloodborne's unique trick weapons, or at least two of them, along with the brutal 'visceral attack' and gun parry. More trick weapons are on the docket, with Forsakensilver also considering the Hunter's Axe and others.

It's still in development (the latest update was v0.8) and not quite a 1:1 recreation of Bloodborne's combat, but it's still a lot more offensive and faster than you'd expect from Dark Souls 3, which is normally more deliberate and defensive—though how much depends on your build. At a glance, it certainly looks a lot like its inspiration. 

Obviously Dark Souls 3's enemies were not balanced for this kind of combat, so it might be tricky to play through the whole game using the mod. Or it might be really easy, especially if you're a Bloodborne player. Forsakensilver hasn't tested it in a full playthrough yet, so why not try to be the first?  

If the mod tickles your fancy, you'll also want to download the DS3 Mod Engine or UXM and follow the instructions on the page.

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