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Planet Centauri is a 2D sandbox RPG, seeks funding on IndieGoGo

Planet Centauri

Between Terraria and Starbound, we're not exactly short of 2D creative RPGs. Nevertheless, take a look at this trailer for Planet Centauri. Beyond the initial reaction—"oh hey, it's like Terraria and Starbound"—it's got a few twists that could make it an interesting departure.

In addition to the regular fight, loot and upgrade loop, players will be able to craft their own spells, and tame the world's monsters.

"Discover the secrets that lurk through more than twenty biomes," explains the IndieGoGo campaign page. "tame monsters and make them your allies, save the Chloriniens from the Night Walkers, create a community and protect it, create your own weapons, your own armor, your own magic and make the planet Centauri the cradle of a new civilization or your tomb!"

The campaign is hoping to raise €8,000 over the next 60 days, and is already well on the way. Head over to the campaign page for more information.

Phil Savage
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