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PixelJunk Shooter warms up on Steam next month

A fun fact about PixelJunk Shooter: it was named via a competition. Not the PixelJunk part; that's followed the series around since the original PixelJunk Racer, or, if we're talking purely PC releases, PixelJunk Eden . Instead, of all the creativity and originality that the series' fans could muster, "Shooter" was chosen as the best. Luckily, the game itself is a lot more inventive. After four years, it's finally flying through to the PC, and will be released on November 11th.

Admittedly, it is a game that does contain shooting. But what it contains more of is fluids, with your shmup-style 2D ship forced to utilise lava and water to progress through alien caverns and rescue researchers. The satisfying fluid physics and puzzle-platform styled space ship manoeuvring make for what is probably the best game in the PixelJunk series.

Unlike Eden, Shooter doesn't appear to have been enhanced over its original PS3 version, although, unlike Eden, Shooter doesn't really need to be. As yet, there's been no information on the possibility of a port for its sequel - the even more imaginatively named PixelJunk Shooter 2.

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