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Phantasmaburbia: an Earthbound-style indie RPG that ain't afraid of no ghosts

I'm posting about Phantasmaburbia for three reasons. 1) It's called Phantasmaburbia, 2) it's related to the pagan festival of Samhain , and 3) it has one of the best release trailers I've ever seen. Seriously, that is one mangled Ghostbusters theme. As for the game, well that looks fairly interesting too. It's an old-fashioned, surbub-set RPG featuring ghoulies and ghosts, and turn-based battles by the pumpkinload.

The full game's available for $9.99, at least until the launch sale is over - from then on it will set you back an extra five dollars. In return for your investment, Phantasmaburbia promises "fast-paced battles (no grinding required)", an "eerie midnight suburbia", and "sprawling dungeons full of puzzles and hidden stuff", among other things. You can see if it lives up these promises with this handy demo , but in the meantime have a gawp at the following trailer.