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PC Gamer US October issue: Batman: Arkham City hands-on

PCG October 2011 - Batman: Arkham City

The Bat Signal shines on the sky above Gotham! PC Gamer's plucky reporters are on the scene to cover the Caped Crusader's ass-kicking adventures in Batman: Arkham City in a huge hands-on story that covers a ton of new crime-fighting gadgets and Catwoman's debut. You'd think that'd be the best thing in the issue, but what's this? The amazing Deus Ex: Human Revolution review! You may need a brain augmentation to grasp how great this game is. You'll also find our hands-on adventures in Guild Wars 2 and Tribes Ascend, tips straight from the developers to get you started right in Age of Empires Online, and a smorgasbord of our favorite demos from throughout PC gaming history! Bonus: this new-and-improved PC Gamer comes augmented with super-thick paper strong enough to stop a bullet. (Warning: do not use PC Gamer as body armor.)

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