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Overwatch Lego sets are on the way soon

Overwatch fans have paid tribute to the game in Lego in some pretty cool ways, like the Soldier 76 rifle and visor, or Tracer's twin pistols. And soon they'll be able to show their colorful plastic brick-based fandom in a more official capacity.   

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Blizzard actually revealed that Overwatch Lego sets are in the works in May, and teased them on Twitter in August. But now we can finally lay eyes on an actual Overwatch minifig, or at least an animated rendition of one. The August teaser suggested that six characters would be Lego-ized initially, but I'm not surprised that Tracer is the first to be properly seen. She is the face of the franchise, after all. 

There's no hint of a release date, or anything else beyond the teaser, but Blizzard said that it will have more info to share soon.   

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