You can be Overwatch's Soldier 76, with the help of Lego

For a game that spawned a cosplay scene before it even launched, Overwatch has more than its fair share of fan tributes. This one is pretty neat, though: a YouTuber, ZaziNombies, has recreated Soldier 76's heavy pulse rifle with that most flexible and abundant of natural resources – Lego.

As the video below demonstrates, no detail has been left out, except for the weapon's ability to shoot Pharah out of the sky. ZaziNombies even recreated Soldier 76's visor, which is quite the fashionable accessory.

This isn't the first Overwatch weapon recreated using colourful blocks: McCree's Peacekeeper is over here, and Roadhog's scrap gun looks like I pretty fun party toy. 

Check it out below:

Shaun Prescott

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