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New League of Legends champion Illaoi has god on her side

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Illaoi is the latest character to join the League of Legends roster, and she's an interesting one. She doesn't bludgeon or pew-pew her opponents to death but instead summons a god – a god with spectral tentacles, it turns out.

According to Riot's full breakdown she's a "slow but impactful solo laner", and those aforementioned tentacles are likely to come in handy towards the end of a game. "While she lacks traditional gap closers to start fights, she can pull the spirits from distant squishies and destroy them, rendering yet another vessel for Illaoi’s god, Nagakabouros," the description reads.

Her slowness is due in part to the way her passive ability, Prophet of an Elder God, plays out on the field. Tentacles ocassionally spawn on nearby walls but they don't move with Illaoi, meaning she's better off sticking to the one place.

The full rundown is worth a closer look, as it details each of Illaoi's abilities and provides a little bit of lore background.

Shaun Prescott
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