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More grenade throws you must know in CS:GO

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Grenades are one of CS:GO's most unique elements. On the one hand, they're secondary equipment in a game that's very much about aim, angles, and scoring headshots. On the other hand, they're the closest thing to a hard counter in countless situations—knowing how to angle a flashbang or smoke off the wall can save your team from destruction in CS:GO's popular competitive mode.

Last week we featured 10 useful grenade throws on the maps Dust2, Mirage, and Cache. Knowing that all of these angles and arcs are a lot to take in at once, this week we complete that series with some recommended 'nade tosses on three more well-treaded CS maps: Nuke, Cobblestone, and Inferno.


Situation: Smoking off big garage as Terrorists

Situation: Flashing bombsite A from the roof overlooking Terrorist spawn

Situation: From lobby, flashing B ramp as Terrorists to initiate a push


Situation: Smoking off CT spawn in order to attack bombsite B

Situation: Defending B and banana as CT, deciding where to smoke

Situation: As a Terrorist, checking baby room (aka 'dark') near mid for a camping CT


Situation: As CT, smoking off B main from CT spawn

Situation: Dropping through skyfall as Terrorists to take bombsite B

Situation: Smoking off highway to initiate a B main push as the terrorists

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