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Mordhau banned 2,000 players, but some are being overturned

Around 2,000 players were banned from Mordhau this week for using third party software to cheat, but the developer is now overturning some of them. The ban announcement was quickly followed by players claiming they were innocent, not surprisingly, but in this case there were apparently some false positives.

"We are revoking some bans that have been part of this wave," a forum update reads. "Most of the bans revoked are false positives, some of the bans we are revoking are legitimate, so some cheaters will slip through the net this time as we are on the side of caution. We are monitoring the situation and will be adjusting our detection."

Bans that are "blatantly obvious" will stay in place, while players who have been affected but still can't access the game can email the developer or post on the Mordhau forums to get let back into the melee brawls. 

The ban doesn't include all third-party applications, so don't worry if you use things like the brilliant lute bot or other mods that don't give you an advantage. 

Cheers, PCGamesN

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