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Monster Hunter's film adaptation looks more like Call of Duty in these set photos

The Monster Hunter series is all about hunting supernatural monsters in strange fantasy lands. The Monster Hunter film, which boasts a $60 million budget, will depart from this theme a fair bit, if early images from the set are anything to go by.

Milla Jovovich, who will star in the film, posted a series of images from the set on Instagram earlier this month, and they look more like a Call of Duty or Battlefield set than they do a Monster Hunter one. But that's not entirely unexpected: if you've been following the project closely, you'll know that the film revolves around a United Nations military team who enter a portal into a different dimension. Presumably this different dimension will have monsters in it. And hopefully some environments similar to the ones in Monster Hunter World.

The film went into production in September and is directed by Resident Evil movie director Paul W.S. Anderson. Check out the photos below:

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