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Monster Hunter: World will get free DLC with new quests

Monster Hunter: World, the first of the series to launch on PC, will receive free DLC after it arrives next year. This is typical for the series, but still good news during a time when season passes and premium DLC are exceedingly common. 

The DLC will take the form of free quests, producer Ryozo Tsujimoto told Polygon, and while he noted that console players would need to pay for online services like PS Plus to play with friends, that’s not an issue on PC.

With the move from handheld to console and PC, Capcom’s also been thinking about ways it can change what type of DLC it offers.

“On portable, you are not always online, so you have to have a system in place where people will download the quests or data when they are at home then play when they are out,” Tsujimoto said. “Now with the console, we can rely on you being online whenever you’re on.”

One example he offered was quests that are only available for specific periods of time. What won’t change, however, is the size or scope of the base game, regardless of DLC. The main story will be just as big as previous games.

“We have made sure we are putting the volume of gameplay people expect from a Monster Hunter,” said executive producer Kaname Fujioka. “I think we have our priorities right. We don’t want to let any users down who are used to Monster Hunter being a great, meaty experience.”

Monster Hunter: World is due out in 2018.

Fraser Brown
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