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How to beat Zinogre in Monster Hunter World: Iceborne

(Image credit: Capcom)

Capcom’s electric hound delivers a combination of lightning-fast attacks and devastating claw combos that can shock even the most skilled hunters into submission. Zinogre is no stranger to the dog-eat-dog world of Monster Hunter, especially since the Thunder Wolf Wyvern has been decimating players since its appearance in Monster Hunter Portable 3rd and Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate. 

However, this electrifying hound has now stomped its way into Monster Hunter World’s Iceborne expansion, giving fresh-faced recruits the chance to see what makes Zinogre so revered among the hunting community. Not only does Zinogre have a revamped look, he also has new attacks that will surprise those who are brave enough to take him down. If you wish to avoid becoming the dog’s dinner, then make sure you follow our monster guide below to discover the tips and tricks you need to defeat this ferocious Fanged Wyvern. 

Zinogre abilities  

Zinogre’s main source of damage comes from its charged electrical attacks which it obtains from summoning nearby Thunderbugs. Once Zinogre has received its first charge, groups of Thunderbugs will fly around its body, while its second charge will see Zinogre’s fur bloom into spiked clumps that pulsate with blue electricity. 

The first charge state is considerably weaker and deals less damage to hunters, but the second state allows the electrifying canine to deliver huge waves of electrical damage that can instantly kill those that dare to underestimate its power. During this fully charged phase, Zinogre will become incredibly aggressive and its moves will increase in both their speed and damage. Make sure you pay close attention to these visual tells as they will enable you to adjust your playstyle, while also diminishing your chances of falling prey to Zinogre’s charged claw attacks, tail sweeps, aerial body slams, and long-range electrical volleys.

(Image credit: Capcom)

How to beat Zinogre

  • Damage Zinogre during its charged up phase to reverse the charge.
  • If you knock Zinogre down during its charged up phase, launch the Capture Net at its back to catch rare Fulgurbugs.
  • Unleash heavy attacks when Zinogre starts charging up with Thunderbugs.
  • Use Nulberries or a Cleanser Booster to dispell Thunderblight, and consider using the Thunderblight Mantle.
  • Attack from the side to break Zinogre's claws.
  • Bring an ice weapon if you have one.

As you might have guessed, Zinogre relies heavily on its two charged states to deal the bulk of its damage—in fact, without access to these empowered forms this Fanged Wyvern is nothing more than an oversized puppy. Fortunately, hunters can knock Zinogre out of its charged state by simply dealing enough damage to him. 

Once the appropriate damage threshold has been met, Zinogre will revert back to his default non-electrical form. This drastically reduces his overall speed and damage, making the fight a lot more manageable for those that find Zinogre’s empowered forms difficult to handle. Throughout the fight, Zinogre will attempt to charge his attacks by gathering nearby Thunderbugs and will remain stationary until the charge has been completed or interrupted. This is a great time to unleash any heavy-hitting attacks as you’ll invariably be able to break either Zinogre’s horns, claws, or tail during the animation’s lengthy windup. 

While it’s a lot easier to topple Zinogre over during his power-up animation, you’ll be rewarded with rare bugs if you knock him down during his charged phase. When Zinogre is busy flailing around on the ground, simply equip the Capture Net and launch it towards Zinogre’s back. Not only does this reward you with a bounty of rare Fulgurbugs that you can use for crafting, it also reduces the length of time Zinogre is in his charged up state, so be prepared to do a little bug catching if you wish to curtail the beast’s thunderous attacks. After all, getting hit by Zinogre’s electrifying moves isn’t particularly fun, especially when they can inflict you with Thunderblight, which makes you more susceptible to stuns. To avoid falling prey to any frustrating deaths, we recommend bringing a few Nulberries or a Cleanser Booster to cure this hazardous effect. However, if you wish to reduce the amount of thunder damage Zinogre does and want to completely nullify Thunderblight altogether, then consider bringing the Thunderproof Mantle.

Despite its overall bulk, Zinogre is very agile and can quickly cover vast distances with its incredibly powerful limbs. To make matters even worse, this monster also excels at aerial attacks, often crushing foes with its charged claw stomps and tail slams. When fighting Zinogre, try to keep to its side and smash up its hind and forelegs in order to break its claws. A lot of Zinogre’s attacks are launched directly in front of it, so only begin clobbering it over the head when you have enough time to do so. For example, Zinorge’s Thunderbug charge and tail slam animation both have lengthy animations, giving you plenty of time to break those all-important horns, claws and tail. If you’re still having trouble breaking any specific parts, then consider bringing a few Pitfall traps. Simply place the trap down whenever Zinogre’s exhausted and go to town on any pesky parts that refuse to break. Lastly, if you’re looking to maximise your overall damage output and want to slay Zinogre in record time, we recommend that you bring a weapon that can deal ice damage.