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Meet John Romero's gangster great-grandma in a new Empire of Sin trailer

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Here's a nice thing. You may know that tactical simulation of 1920s Chicago Empire of Sin (opens in new tab) features a playable gang boss based on John Romero's real brothel-owning great-grandmother Elvira, because we told you that last year (opens in new tab) and you were definitely paying attention. Now, to celebrate Mother's Day, Empire of Sin's game director Brenda Romero and also John Romero, who says he is "working on Empire of Sin in a lot of different areas," have made a video about what a badass old lady Elvira Morales was.

Not everything about Empire of Sin is historically accurate. For instance, it's a well-known fact that Al Capone's movements were real-time rather than turn-based. But also it's unlikely Elvira Morales was able to blow purple smoke that gave her mind-control powers, as seen in the video. Still, Empire of Sin looks like a neat evocation of the period even if it's not a particularly reality-based one.

Empire of Sin will have 14 bosses you can choose to play, including Irish mobster Dean O'Banion and Harlem racketeer Stephanie St. Clair, as well as Al Capone and Elvira Morales. It's due out in autumn of 2020 (opens in new tab) from Romero Games and Paradox.

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