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Killing Floor 2 is having a double XP weekend

You might not have been planning to brutally slay the living dead in Killing Floor 2 this weekend, but here's a reason to consider it: Tripwire is hosting a double XP extravaganza. Kicking off April 28 at 1pm EST, the XP boost will run in concert with an increased item drop rate (once per 24 hours) until May 2 at 1pm EST.

The weekend coincides with a significant patch to the Early Access shooter, which fixes a bunch of ongoing, niggling issues which you can read about in more detail over here

More interesting is a new map uploaded to Steam Workshop by Tripwire level designer Matthew 'Fever' Lefevere. Dubbed 'Museum', it's a moody, dimly lit arena-like setting based in – yeah, you guessed it – a museum. 

In other KF2 news, the studio rolled out a Versus Survival multiplayer mode earlier this month, in the form of the Revenge of the Zeds update. That also includes a new official map as well as fresh weaponry. You can read about that update in more detail over here. Now seems like a decent time to try the hyperviolent shooter, if you haven't done so already.

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