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Incredipede creeps onto Steam next week

Creature creating puzzle game Incredipede is finally preparing for a Steam launch. There's a new trailer, plus details of the added extras being packed into this updated version. So here's your challenge: can you craft an animal with enough limbs and muscles to scroll down and see them? What's that? You've already evolved a perfectly good finger for the task? Good enough, I guess.

  • "60 more levels in a new "Normal" difficulty: these levels will be easier than the original ones which are being moved into the "Hard" difficulty.
  • "Two-handed creatures: Incredipede 1.0 has muscles that you can control with your left hand. 1.5 also has muscles that you can control with your right hand. Now you could remake QWOP.
  • "Weird Achievements: I don't like achievements, so instead of typical achievements I'm doing "real life achievements" where people go outside and play with bugs and creatures. This is a way to extend the ideas in Incredipede outside of the computer monitor."

Hopefully those "real life achievements" won't extend the ideas of Incredipede too far. I don't think nature's limbs are quite as configurable outside of the game.

Incredipede's Steam release will spring into life on March 18th. To see some of the freaks of nature made possible with the game, check out Tom Francis' impressions here .

Alternatively, you can trial the game in your browser here .

Phil Savage
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