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In Moonlighter, you're part adventurer, part shopkeeper

Are we adventurer, or are we shopkeeper? In Moonlighter we'll be both: as a small-time fantasy store proprietor, you've got to both sell your wares, and acquire them in the first place via late night spelunking in dungeons.

One of the interesting systems in Moonlighter is how items are priced. You won't know the value of an item you've discovered right away, so you'll have to judge customer's reactions to your price tag to figure out if you're giving them the deal of a lifetime or overcharging.

At PAX West this weekend, Evan spoke to Moonlighter developer Javier Giménez about how the game works and got to play it a bit himself. Watch that in the video above, and check out the rest of our PAX West 2017 coverage here. Moonlighter is on Steam, and should be out early next year.