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How to play Rebirth Island in Warzone

how to play Rebirth Island cod warzone
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Struggling to find the Warzone Rebirth Island map? Verdansk may still be the main Warzone map, but now you're also free to hop into Rebirth Island, a new area located in a Soviet base. This map sounds perfect for those who prefer an aggressive approach as it's much smaller, and supports just 40 players.

After clicking the 'Battle Royale' option in Warzone for months, it's easy to load into a regular Verdansk map on auto-pilot. For now, you'll need to select a specific playlist if you want to test your skills on the new map. Here's how to play Rebirth Island in Warzone.

How to play Rebirth Island in CoD: Warzone

Rebirth Island is currently available through a separate playlist, rather than the regular Battle Royale mode. 

To play Rebirth Island, launch Warzone and click on the Play tab, then select Resurgence Trios on the left (under Plunder Trios).

The Resurgence mode runs different rules to a regular Warzone match, so it's worth checking out. The last squad standing still wins, but a few conditions have been tweaked to shake things up. Every time you score a kill, the victim's allies will be highlighted on your mini map. Considering that this mode supports trios and will later introduce quads, this is a great way to hunt down the rest of an enemy squad and pick them off.

(Image credit: Activision)

If you manage to survive during the Rebirth countdown, your allies will have the opportunity to respawn. However, it's possible to shorten the duration of the countdown. Interestingly, the supply boxes on Rebirth Island can also be opened multiple times, so if you're hanging around in an area with multiple caches, check back to see if there's some more loot waiting for you.

It wouldn't be a Warzone map without a Gulag, and Rebirth Island's features a metal detector at its centre. This makes it easier to listen out for your opponent, but you'll also trip the equipment if you're not careful. The ceiling in this cell is open and they're quite high, so you can throw grenades over the walls at your enemy. While this new Gulag isn't currently available in the Resurgence mode, we'll likely get to see it soon.

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