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Hitman will support DirectX 12 at launch


Some breaking news out of the PC Gamer Weekender: the new Hitman will launch with support for DirectX 12. If you have DirectX 12, you can probably expect better game performance, letting you crank up the settings to better appreciate Agent 47's minimalist bonce and trademark scowl.

Here's a slide from the Hitman presentation detailing some of the expected improvements:

Hitman DirectX 12

Or, if you're having trouble reading the blurry text:

  • better multithreading
  • increased performance where CPU bound
  • better experiences for laptop gamers
  • asynchronous compute on AMD cards for significant performance gains
  • early days but we will continue expanding and improving on the Dx12 experience in future releases

That last one making it sound like future Square Enix or IO games will make the most of DirectX 12 as well.

If you don't know what all the fuss is about, Peter 'Durante' Thoman wrote this detailed run-down of what DirectX 12 means, and what benefits we can expect from it when it comes to games.