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Hitman 2's launch trailer takes issue with fedoras

Hitman 2 is due out on November 13, or tomorrow if you’ve slapped down some cash for the Gold Edition. Today, though, is for launch trailers, which you can direct your eyes towards right now. 

It’s also review day, so you why not give our Hitman 2 review some of your attention? Phil reckons it’s great, though it hews pretty closely to its predecessor, which isn't a bad thing in this case. 

It’s always a bit odd, watching trailers or other people play Hitman. There are guns! Who uses guns in Hitman? Madness! Thankfully, there’s also a lot of people falling, or boats falling on people. I’m all about that ‘accidental’ death. Comedy, that’s what I’m after, as well as getting rid of fedoras.

Trying to figure out when the heck you’ll be able to drop boats on people? Here are Hitman 2’s release date timings

Fraser Brown
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