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Heroes of the Storm 2016 Spring Champions kick off on March 31

Heroes of the Storm

The 2016 Heroes of the Storm Spring Champions will commence March 31 in Seoul, Blizzard has announced. The $500,000 tournament will follow a series of regional qualifying rounds, with eight of the 12 teams already locked in for the championship. Teams from South Korea, Latin America, North America, Southeast Asia, Europe, Taiwan, China and Oceania will be represented.

The format includes two elimination rounds, followed by a single elimination playoff bracket, from which two winners will emerge to play the grand final. The $500,000 prize pool is split between 12 final placements, with the winning team taking home a tidy $150,000.

The Spring Champions kick off at 7pm PDT on March 31, with semifinals and grand final taking place on April 2 at 7pm PDT. If for some reason you can't trek to Korea to see the action firsthand, the whole thing will be streaming at . Meanwhile, if you want to watch the remaining qualifying rounds, all the info on how to do so is over here.

Shaun Prescott
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