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Here's a new album of pleasant Machinarium remixes

(Image credit: Amanita Design)

Music has been one of the best facets of Amanita Design's grimy adventures—the Samorost series, Machinarium, Chuchel, Botanicula, and Pilgrims, which appeared suddenly earlier this month. 

Behind the songs and sound design of most of those games has been Floex, aka Tomáš Dvořák, a Czech composer who has collaborated deeply with the studio for a decade and a half. Yesterday Floex dropped Machinarium Remixed, a celebratory album that marks 10 years after the game's release.

Each of the seven tracks are contributed by guest composers, including DVA, the composer for Botanicula, Jim Guthrie (Sword & Sworcery, Below), and Minecraft composer C418. You can pick it up for €5 ($5.56 USD) on Bandcamp, one of the best sources for game music and music inspired by games, if you haven't noticed.

Despite being a multi-artist effort, the album preserves Floex's penchant for organic, bohemian multi-instrumentation and atmospheric sounds. I like the brushing percussion in "Mr. Handagote" paired with a mosquito-sounding melody, nylon strings, and some xylophone. If you like this stuff, the Samorost 3 soundtrack is a must-own.

If you're in London or the Czech Republic, Floex will be touring around as a DJ over the next month. Tour dates are posted on

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