Guild Wars 2 next World vs. World tournament announced, takes place next month

World vs. World is Guild Wars 2's Dark Age of Camelot style 3-way PvP war. Each week, servers engage in a constant push-and-pull of objective capturing—usually by merging into a big ball of people, then smashing into another big ball of people until all life and inventory space has been stamped out. Periodically, ArenaNet formalises this chaos into a tournament, and they've just announced a new one, starting 12 September.

Given that the game is currently on a mid-season break from its Living World: Season Two story, a tournament makes sense—especially with the upcoming feature pack dropping the Tuesday before the event's start.

This tournament will be shorter—lasting just four weeks—and will reward the coveted Tournament Tickets on a week-by-week basis. The hope, I assume, is to avoid some of the issues with the last tournament, which in some cases suffered from repeat match-ups between servers and accusations of cross-server collaboration. "The shorter format will ensure that worlds will not be repeatedly matched against one another," write ArenaNet, "which will more closely resemble a true Swiss-style tournament. Each matchup will be unique, and every win—or upset—will make a huge difference!"

If you don't yet own Guild Wars 2, you can take advantage of the current 50% off offer that will run until 28 August. For more information on the WvW tournament, head to this blog post on the Guild Wars 2 site.