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Grab this fast 27-inch 144Hz monitor with FreeSync support on sale for $275

Grab this fast 27-inch 144Hz monitor with FreeSync support on sale for $275
Save $75 on this gaming monitor with a VA panel and 144Hz refresh rate. (Image credit: Acer)

Another one of Acer's 27-inch gaming monitors is on sale, this one being for a curved FreeSync 2 HDR display with a 144Hz refresh rate to keep the action fast and smooth. It's marked down to $299.99 on Newegg, and if you use coupon code EMCDKDH33, the prices drops even further, to $274.98 (opens in new tab).

You're saving $75.01 with this deal. Just as importantly, this is as cheap as it gets for a 27-inch monitor with the same specs and features, unless you try your luck with an off-brand/generic model. Almost every other 27-inch monitor with these specs runs north of $300.

Acer EI272UR 27-Inch Monitor | 1440p | FreeSync 2 HDR | 144Hz | $274.98 ($75.01) (opens in new tab)
This curved 27-inch gaming monitor has a 144Hz refresh rate to keep up with a fast graphics card, along with FreeSync support to sync the action. Use coupon code EMCDKDH33 for the full discount.

The monitor on sale here sports a VA panel. Like IPS displays, VA screens typically offer a wider range of colors, better image quality, and more flexible viewing angles compared to cheaper TN panels. This sometimes comes at the expense of speed, though with a claimed 4ms gray-to-gray response time and 144Hz refresh rate, the EI272UR should be a suitable option for competitive gaming.

FreeSync 2 HDR support adds some value as well, more so on the variable refresh side than the HDR side. Technically, you get HDR support with DisplayHDR 400 certification. But the monitor's peak 400 nits brightness rating is well short of the eye-searing 1,000 nits brightness that some premium (and much pricier) HDR displays are capable of hitting.

Nevertheless, HDR support is there. As for connectivity, this monitor serves up three HDMI inputs and a single DisplayPort input. It also features a pair of built-in 2W speakers, which you can turn to in a pinch.

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